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Site Notes

Things are coming along. The how to e-mail section is near completion.  I still want to add some material covering Outlook Express there.  The What is BrandtWorld page is more or less done. Playing with music on the Pappy page, seems to be working. 

If you don't know what a blog is..your reading one.  Newest information on the top, with the older information in descending chronological order. 

                                                                                   ~Pappy 8/13/09

Now that the site is up, you need to learn how to create e-mail accounts, use FTP and make web pages.  To aid in this, I will create some tutorials and make links to them.  Your feedback will help me to tweak these tutorials and make them easier to understand.

                                                                                    ~Pappy 8/12/09

Well, we are up and running.  Expect many changes as this will be a permanent work in progress with many authors tweaking things and applying their own personal touch.

Many HTML editors are out there, I am using PageBreeze at the moment.  I picked it because it was highly rated at Tucows and more importantly it was free.  Pagebreeze allows you to pick a template, such as this one, and modify it to fit your needs.

This starting page will serve as a main directory with links branching off to individual pages of the BrandtWorld family. 

Security:  No login and password  is required to view these pages.         

                                                                                    ~Pappy 8/11/09


















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