What is BrandtWorld.com?


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Why was BrandtWorld.com created?

For three reasons: 

The first being a way to share photos, idea's and thoughts with other friends and family.

The second being a tool for learning basic web design and applications.

And the third...it was created for fun.

What is BrandtWorld.com?

Brandtworld.com is a domain name.  It is owned by us and will remain so for as long as we continue to pay the renewal fees.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are pointers.  They are a friendly way to point users of the Internet to where our website is stored.  For example, I picked sonic.net to store our website on their computers.  This is called hosting.  Sonic hosts BrandtWorld for us.  Our website is actually stored at  something like


this would be allot of junk, to type in, just to get to our website.  Our domain name pointer lets us type


and we automatically go to the right place. 

It works the same with our e-mail.  We can go to sonic.net and create e-mail addresses that will be something@sonic.net .  For example, I could create an e-mail that was


then, using member tools at sonic, I make it so all mail sent to 

Pappy@brandtworld.com  goes to blaineb56@sonic.net

Then my friends and family can e-mail me using the easy to remember  Pappy@brandtworld.com instead of the other one.





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